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Here is a quick insight into our previous work.
We are happy to provide more information and client references on request.

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Ann Whatmore, Business Development Manager

Dates of assignment: 
Nov 2021 – Jan 2022 

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Agile Leadership Coaching

Business Development Manager

Ann is living the dream!


She is sea swimming each day at 6am, spends her free time sailing, and has recently moved into a new career. She has more energy for life than the rest of us combined!

“I wanted to learn Agile ways of working and improve my team management skills, increase my commercial knowledge and influencing ability, and improve my work life balance. I also wanted to introduce Agile ways of working to my team to improve productivity and ownership, creating more headspace for me to win more business.


I received fantastic professional coaching, leaving me focused, energised and empowered. Looking back, what is great is that the targets we set in Growth Mapping are exactly what I have gone onto achieve.”

Growth Mapping 

 with Metamorph 


Valerie Labi, Chief Executive

Dates of assignment: 
September 2020 - Ongoing


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Growth Mapping

Valerie Labi,
Chief Executive

Valerie is an Executive Level organisational leader specialising in sustainable social enterprise growth and business transformation strategies. She is a bit of a superhero and was recognised by President Obama with the award of the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders in 2014.

“At critical junctures in my recent career I have gone to Metamorph to discuss, evaluate and design change strategies that will deliver real impact; including how best to communicate these and improve the performance of the organisations and teams that I lead.


Metamorph have a great way of untangling the ideas in my head, focusing me in on what actually matters and developing approaches that build capacity at each layer of the organisations I work with. “Can we do a Growth Mapping” is now a familiar request to them.”

Kelly, BSc Psychology 

Dates of assignment: 
Jan 2021 – March 2021 

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Sprint for Students

BSc Psychology 

“Starting my second year of a Psychology BSc, especially during a pandemic, felt challenging. I have always been a hard worker, but Sprint for Students has increased my confidence and ambition. The coaching was personalised to my needs and learning style. It has given me the structure to explore the pathways open to me. I can’t recommend it enough.”

Ejaz Rashid, Founder and CEO


Dates of assignment: 
May – Dec 2019 

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Our 4+1 working week model 

Ejaz Rashid,
Founder and CEO

Ejaz is on a mission to leverage the power of technology, businesses and their workforces to accelerate the pace of social change. He is certainly succeeding as some of the largest companies in the world rely on GivingForce to safely, transparently and accurately donate both time and money worldwide. He is very much an ally of Metamorph and was in fact our first client.

“Since Metamorph first came to work with us on their 4+1 Model in 2019, I have called on them for project management support with challenging clients, proposal and bid writing, insights and strategic planning regarding the Sustainable Development Goals, their network, and a fair few lunches and coffees.


Metamorph are there when you need them and their experience is direct and valuable. They are on our Christmas party invite list, which is enough of a recommendation!”

Burcu Demir, Senior Technology Consultant

Dates of assignment: 
Nov 2021 – present

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Strategising your career path

Burcu Demircan,
Head of Analytics

Burcu is a Data and Analytics leader, with 12 years of experience - 10 of which at EY.  She is a keynote speaker and all-round inspiration to the teams and people she works with - including us. 

"I have always been motivated, I know what I want to achieve and what is required to get there. However, having Metamorph on hand to discuss, evaluate and then strategise an approach to an opportunity or challenge is great.

Metamorph have been a great sounding board for a recent big career move, supporting me to develop my brand as a technology leader. I keep telling them that they should write a book given the breadth of insight that they bring to Growth Mapping discussions."

Dan, LLMs 

Dates of assignment: 
August 2021 – October 2021 

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Sprint for Students


Master in Laws (LLMs) 

“Sprint for Students enabled me to identify, prepare for and then land work experience with a small legal firm, which I can leverage to secure a formal training contract. As part of the programme Metamorph supported me to develop approaches and techniques for my meetings with the Legal firm leadership, as well as solutions to take to them.”


We offer an online coaching programme that supports students to achieve their personal, academic and career ambitions. Originally developed for business leaders, the programme provides students with a unique learning and development opportunity and is based on the Agile planning and delivery approaches we use in our consulting business. The programme has been developed in partnership with Tution360, a London-based private tuition agency and education consultancy.

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