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What drives us?

Contributing to your success.


Whether it's accelerating a change programme, improving structures, addressing painful processes, or focusing on team dynamics and performance. We’re practical, enjoy fixing things, and get to the point.

Reconfigure the way you work.


We support organisations to change the way they operate, improve performance and sustainably grow. 

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Hello & welcome

What we do,
who we work with

We work across a range of government, private sector and third sector clients, both in the UK and internationally.


We are currently a Facilitation Partner to the Charity Commission for England and Wales.

Our Services

Change Acceleration
Outcome led, sustainable change for ambitious organisations. Blending Agile, Systems Thinking and high-performance coaching, we deliver results in complex and demanding workplaces.


Performance and Culture
No surveys, no prolonged diagnostics, just impact from day one. We enhance team and inter-team performance through systems and process optimisation, tackling perennial issues, and challenging individuals to work beyond their comfort zone.



No ice breakers, no abstract exercises. Lean, context-driven facilitation services that engage and energise teams. We facilitate complex conversations and data driven decisions, capturing and breaking down action points into clear deliverables and workflows.


ESG, Sustainability and Social Impact
We help organisations enhance compliance and increase positive impact both internally and externally, while actively supporting wider business strategies. Experts in CSR, Sustainability, Theory of Change and Impact Framework development, including KPI selection, target setting and impact realisation.

Take a look through our work and contact us if you would like to discuss your objectives.

What we do, 
who we work with

We provide Strategy Consulting, Operating Model Design and Performance Improvement services to businesses, social enterprises and non-profit organisations, including those in the international development space.

We also provide project and programme management support, leadership coaching and troubleshooting to business founders and team leaders, as well as individual coaching for students. 

& grow

What do we mean by 
reconfigure & grow?

We were thinking about rock… metamorphic transformations in response to pressure, recrystallizing into new forms, built with existing structural elements!


Put simply: our approach is to make best use of your existing experience and resources to facilitate change and accelerate growth.


It’s about saving time and money: how far can you go towards your goals with what you have to hand? And not throwing out what works and what could be improved with a few tweaks.


It’s about getting your house in order before making big hiring or investment decisions. And when making them, doing so from a place of organisational clarity and shared purpose.  


And it’s also about re-igniting a start-up mentality.

What do we mean?

We were thinking about rocks…and metamorphic transformations in response to heat and pressure, recrystallizing into new forms, built with existing structural elements!


Put more simply…our approach is to build on what you have, making best use of your existing experience, imagination, and resources to facilitate change and accelerate growth.

Growth Mapping

A structured approach to setting, prioritising, planning, and achieving goals.

& grow

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team experience

Our backgrounds are in Big 4 consultancy, large scale programme delivery; international development and impact consulting. Between us, we have over 30 years of public and private sector consulting experience across 15 countries.​ Find out more about our Directors Alistair and Oliver.

Experience and expertise include:

  • Agile Transformation

  • Business & Op Model Transformation

  • Strategy and Horizon Planning

  • PMO leadership and project management


  • Corporate Sustainability

  • CSR & Community Engagement

  • High-performing Team Development

  • Career and Leadership Coaching


  • Impact programme design and delivery

  • Programme design and delivery in conflict affected countries

  • Social impact and SDGs

  • Impact Frameworks, Theory of Change, KPI development and target setting

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